LineSolar was founded in 2008 on a revolutionary idea for a Next Generation Solar Panel. Our Concentrated PV module is perfect for ground-mounted installations as the module needs to be mounted on a tracker. The advantage of our technology versus a standard solar module is twofold:

1) Higher module efficiency: 18-20% versus 15-16% for a standard poly c-Si solar module) 2) Lower production costs: $0.30 /Wp production costs versus $0.45/Wp for lowest cost Asian modules)

These breakthrough low production costs, coupled with very high performance, will enable  a reduction of solar electricity costs by 25-30%. With these improvements solar electricity  can compete with any source of power generation, including coal based power plants.
By removing this cost hurdle LineSolar aims to contribute to the transition to more sustainable economy.

After several years of intensive research, we are now in the final development and testing phase. We expect to start series production in the second half of 2016.

In addition to R&D grants LineSolar raised two financing rounds from private investors.
Our team includes technology-, materials- and process experts. We cooperate closely with approx. 20 partners to develop the product,  production processes and production machines. Partners include technology specialists, material suppliers and machine makers, mostly from the Netherlands and Germany.


We foresee a global roll out of this exciting breakthrough solar PV technology
with a commercial partner which has sufficient financial resources and a commercial presence in the energy markets across the world.

"I have seen many solar technologies and panel concepts; most do not stand a chance. LineSolar’s MLC technology is a new technology with breakthrough potential" - Peter van der Vleuten - Solar Industry Veteran